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General Information

The main objective of the Department of Geography, the reasons for the formation of geographical phenomena, problems, results, to explain the distribution of mutual information relationship with the earth or regional scale research in the care, the environment will contribute to the solution of problems related to the universal use of knowledge and technology in the best way to train geographers and geographical to engage in research.

Knowledge-producing, researching, sharing information and technology following closely on the media by producing solutions to problems that contribute to the goal of becoming a department undergraduate and graduate education in the Department of Geography who want to reach the next highest level of activity is aimed to research and practice.

Marmara University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Geography Department, which has one Geographic Information Systems Laboratory and one Minerals and Rocks Laboratories, has 7 professors, 3 assistant professors and 3 research assistants in the academic year of 2017-2018 Activities.

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