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Double Major

Double major programs can be opened among all programs for which a bachelor's degree is awarded. Students who are successful in joining a double major program are awarded two diplomas for two major programs. Students are trained at the same time in two major programs. Double major programs can be conducted between undergraduate programs in different departments as well as between same-degree programs.
Application Location and Process:
The student may apply for the second major program at the earliest third of the major program, at the beginning of the fifth semester at the latest. Double Major applications are executed by the Department of Student Affairs.
Evaluation Process:
GANO must be at least 3.00 in order to apply for double major program. In order to apply for a double major degree program, the student must successfully complete all the courses he / she has received in his / her major diploma program until the semester he / she has applied. (Successful conditions are not required for courses taken from upper semesters.)
Conclusion and Notification:
The application criteria are announced in the announcements section of the homepage of the University where they are admitted to the double major program and the applicants are accepted to the program approved by the Board of Directors.

Calendar: Related dates should be followed from the academic calendar of our university.
Relevant Legislation:
Marmara University Double Major Program and Minor Program Directive
CLICK for Double Major Curriculum

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